The King Kog NYC racing team represents the full service bike shop located in Brooklyn, New York as well as thier new location in Oakland, California!


The King Kog NYC Racing Team began in the spring of 2012, when original shop owners Gina and Shawn had the idea to get friends together to ride and race in a more organized fashion. The team started out as a collective of friends who were all someway involved in the NYC-cycling scene with the intention of racing cyclo-cross.

 A staple of the cycling scene since Gina first opened shop in 2005, King Kog has been sponsoring and supporting NYC Couriers, alleycat races, and other community events. With the rising popularity of Cyclocross, and the slightly more relaxed nature of the races (compared to road), the team of urban riders who signed on for the 2012 roster were excited to begin what was for many of them, their first season of actual sanctioned bicycle racing. With a fresh skinsuit and a positive attitude, this young handsome team comprised of a dozen or so city kids wound up showing their handling skills were right on par with many more experienced riders. Developed through years of messenger work and the general navigation of the urban jungle that is NYC, many of our “rookie” riders found themselves on the podiums of such races as the New York State CX Championship Race, Westwood Velo, and Supercross Cup and many others. Others who were more experienced saw the opportunity to get (back) in race shape, connect to the racing community, and best of all, a chance to escape the hectic city to more rural areas of charming nature every weekend. You can also find many of the King Kog Team racers at Road Crits, Randonneurs, Mountain Bike races, and as always, Alley Cats.